Coronavirus Update


Per Scottish Government announcements on Saturday 8th August, Face Coverings are now mandatory in all indoor settings.

This is now a requirement of the Scottish Government and will be enforced on site. If you have a medical condition that would exempt you from wearing a face covering, we advise that you avoid all indoor areas at Wynford Farm Park, as it is an increased risk to you and others. This includes the Café, Wee Beasties Shed, Animal Barn, and anywhere “under a roof” at the farm.


We have been in touch with the council following the recent announcement that there is to be increased lockdown measures locally for Aberdeen City, and they have confirmed that we are fully compliant and able to remain open, including offering takeaway food.

We’ve got ACRES of space and there’s still fun for everyone 🙂


We will remain open unless circumstances change

– If you have a ticket with us, it is still valid 🙂

– If we close in future, affected tickets will be refunded automatically

We want to reassure our visitors that as always, we take these measures seriously. From long before lockdown, Wynford has helped the National Farm Attractions Network(NFAN) to set the standard for safety and hygiene at farm visitor attractions (pre and post covid-19), and this same standard has been adopted by council authorities when inspecting Farm Parks. We will continue to work with our amazing team, the council and NFAN to make the best decisions for the safety of our visitors, our team, and our animals.

As always, stay safe 💚🧡

Wynford Farm Park Team


We’ve been working hard, in line with the COVID-19 Industry Standard to put measures in place in all areas of the Farm Park and “WE’RE GOOD TO GO!”.

We’re helping to define the standard for the Farm Attraction industry as part of the National Farm Attractions Network board. NFAN is our industry body, which strives for excellence in hygiene and the best possible visitor experience long before COVID-19, and will continue to long after it as well.

There are a number of measures which we have put in place, and we will continue to adapt to government and industry advice, as well as visitor feedback on what you would like to see happening.

Before visiting the farm, here’s some pieces of information we think you should know 🙂


Before arriving at the Farm

  • Check local restrictions in your area. We are open and the council have confirmed that we are fully compliant, but please do not break government guidelines. We are on the Shire/City border so you do not require to enter the city to visit us
  • BRING A MASK OR FACE COVERING. A face covering is mandatory in all indoor areas – this is a Scottish Government requirement.
  • BOOK ONLINE! Book online for the best prices and to guaranteed your space. Spaces are limited due to COVID-19 so make sure to book your Tickets in advance HERE
  • Our Opening Times have changed. We are OPEN Wednesday-Sunday (10am-5pm), and we will remain closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.
  • If it’s your first time coming, make sure you have directions. We have a limited team so at busy times may not be able to answer phones.
  • We would recommend bringing Hand Sanitiser for using Before you enter the building and After you exit. We provide multiple hand wash and sanitiser facilities throughout the park, but this is a good practice measure to reduce likelihood of transmission. Hand Sanitiser should not be used instead of good hand washing practices.
  • Come prepared for Scottish weather – Wellies and a waterproof layer are always a good idea in Scotland!


When you arrive

  • Please put on your face covering. You will be required to wear a face covering whenever you are “under a roof” at Wynford. This is a Scottish Government requirement. Children under 5 are exempt from this.
  • Have your Booking ready – all we need is the full name of the person on the booking.
  • Head to the Entrance Desk – Social Distancing measures apply here. One family at a time in the Entrance area, please wait outside the door to be called forward.
  • Wrist Bands on – This will be given to you at the front desk and MUST BE WORN, no exceptions (children under 3 may have theirs worn by their guardian). This is your proof of entry, and re-entry after you visit the Café or your car will not be permitted without it.
  • Head straight outside – There’s a world to explore in the park, let’s go find it! Check out the Café, Adventure Playground, Farm Park, Animal Barn, Wee Besties Shed and more!

When you’re in the Park

  • Follow social distancing. 2m distance is still the recommended distance from any grown-ups outwith your household. 2 metres – that’s roughly Three Pygmy Goats (nose to tail), Two Sheep (nose to tail), or one fully grown Highland Cow with room to swing it’s horns!
  • Animal Feed Bags. Animal Feed Bags are available from the Animal Barn! Feed for the Deer, Sheep & Goats, and Pigs are available for £1 each from the Vending Machine (the machine accepts coins only). Please continue to wash your hands when leaving all animal areas.
  • Be mindful of others. Many people have been shielding and haven’t left their houses at all during lockdown, and some are still scared. For lots of visitors this could be one of their first trips away from the home in months. Our Team are excited to be back to work, but it is a steep learning curve to get things going again. For everyone, please be kind, be safe, be patient.
  • Toilets – All toilets are open with extra cleaning taking place. Sanitiser is provided as an extra precaution, hand wash facilities are available in all toilets. If toilets are in use, please wait outside until one becomes free. Toilets will be checked and cleaned regularly.
  • HAVE FUN! We world has felt a little too serious lately. We want everyone to follow good practice, but most of all we want everyone to HAVE FUN! Make memories and enjoy the lighter part of life!

The Café is OPEN!

  • The Café is open 10am-4pm (food service stops at 3pm) serving a big menu of Takeaway Food
  • With the increased lockdown measures recently announced for Aberdeen City, we have removed seating from the Café per City Council’s request.
  • All food is served in takeaway boxes. All disposables used are fully compostable and we have committed to using as little plastic as possible.
  • There are two queues: One to Order, and one to Collect your food.
  • You will be given a Pager to tell you when your food is ready. When your Pager sounds, please be ready or head to the collection point in the Café as quickly as possible.
  • Please place all rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Please maintain social distancing.


When leaving the park

  • Wash your hands before you go! You know the drill! (“Happy birthday to…”)
  • Please leave via the green gates, directly into the car park. Do not re-enter the main building.
  • If you require re-entry (i.e. you were fetching jackets and wellies from the car), please head back to the Entrance Desk (if there is a queue, please join the queue. There is no queue jump facility) and show them your wristband to be granted re-entry.
  • Had fun today? We would really appreciate a review on Google and TripAdvisor, and why not tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram?


And of course…


We are so excited to be back and we can’t wait to welcome you!



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